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We startet the ABCulturetool approximately 9 months after merging two business divisions. The questions were easy to understand and it took us more or less 20 minutes to answer.

The results shown in a spynet gave us a clear signal where to start working to develop the common new business culture. We decided for Bettina to guide us because of her experience in banking as well as in different industries. Michaela Rammel, Head of Corporate Clients

I had the privilege to work with Bettina while she was supporting me in my inter-cultural training & journey.

Bettina absolutely brings “cultural training” to the next level! She definitely exceeded my expectation given that I attended already 3 other cultural trainings throughout my international assignment.

This has been one of the most in-depth training I was immersed in, thanks to Bettina knowledge and deep expertise of what culture means and how to connect culture to build teams and support a leader connect with a new organization.

She went above and beyond what is normally provided in a cultural training to tackle Cultural dimensions & cultural awareness/index.

The material provided during the training including the videos, pre-reads, articles and reprints were really useful and practical as you can leverage them in daily situations.

Beyond “the cultural training” master, Bettina is a great coach & highly engaging. Throughout our discussion, she really helped me reflect and deepen my understanding of those different and special cultural dimensions particularly for my team members, allowing me to connect better with them and hence build a high performing team.

Bettina went above and beyond the “academic training” and gave me a holistic approach of Dos and Don’ts in the society as well as ideas and personal contacts for social network building which I must confess were super to help me start connecting with the local community and accelerate my on-boarding & immersion!

Mireille Saliba GM Novartis Pharma

We asked Bettina for advice in a delicate cross-border project.
She consulted, trained and coached us in order to manage cultural differences.

As an intercultural expert Bettina successfully decoded cultural patterns of behavior which helped us improving our performance in the project.

Thank you for that!

T. Bothe, Project Manager, Siemens Mobility
Ms Grassl supported us in the preparation of the communication concerning the change of our ownership structure from a European owner to an owner from Hong Kong. She did a good job in highlighting the relevant matters that would need attention in this process and also explained well the mechanics of the processes that would follow after the communication of this change. We thank her for this. Alexander Putzer, CEO
As we are currently in a transformation process we asked Bettina to check our current cultural status quo in order to know what specific further actions should be taken into account. Bettina employed the ABCulture tool. This tool showed us very clearly blind spots in our organization . We therefore identified very easily clear priorities and gained high understanding in how to drive change, enhance performance and business gains.
Thanks Bettina! Robert Schneider, CIO
We asked Bettina to deliver an Intercultural Negotiation Workshop for our Leadership Team. Her workshop was a success. We have gained insights and suggestions that are especially valuable for our international work. Werner Mörth, Head of Legal Services
We invited Bettina to talk to our students studying Cross Cultural Management about Cultural Due Diligence. She did an excellent job sharing her vast experiences with us and relating them to relevant theoretical concepts. Consequently, students engaged heavily in a discussion on the points forwarded by Bettina. Thank you so much, Bettina, for motivating our students so well and being such a wonderful enrichment to our programme! Brigitte Bojkowszky and Elisabeth Götze,
Senior Lecturer ,WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
The presentation of Mrs.Grassl offered my master students of International Industrial Management a very comprehensive approach of Cultural Due Diligence. With her international experience and deep knowledge in that field, Mrs.Grassl presented solid & deep convincing reasons for considering a Cultural Due Diligence as a MUST in a M&A transaction. Azucena Pérez-Alonso, FH-Professor
Bettina Grassl is a very competent, concise and experienced Management Consultant. Her expertise and empathy for different cultures help to overcome hurdles in international business. We see her as a very reliable partner. Marion Biber Director Southern Europe
The most valuable aspect of the Intercultural Training session for me was self awareness, the better understanding of my background and the background of Austrian people. I will feel now more comfortable on my workplace and can better communicate with my colleagues in Vienna. I was very satisfied with this intense program. Bettina is a very competent trainer with a lot of personal experience with other cultures. B. Kutsiy
This was a very interesting evening. Due to her exceptional language skills and working experience in foreign countries Bettina provided an interesting overview on cultural differences and explained the relevance of cultural due diligence and mutual understanding in cross border merger cases. The lively discussion following her presentation showed a relevance of this issue also for legal consultants in M&A matters. Bernt Elsner, Partner
During our transition period from OMV to LUKOIL Bettina Grassl gave us a very useful and informative Intercultural Training course about Russian Culture-in particular Business culture and Self awareness. It was absolutely the right mix between theory, practice of methodology and practical assignments. I would gladly recommend her and will definitely consider more time for our next workshop. Christian Eibl, Head of Sales Western Europe
When we arrived in a different country sometimes we underestimate the importance of their culture and habits. Bettina did a great job in her intercultural training with me. Now I feel more prepared to live and work in Austria. I really recommend that you try this program. Maria Soller, Business Unit Director
Excellent and well-structured training session. I have got a better awareness of culture differences and natural progression of cultural integration. Understanding Austrian expectations of me and how the culture has evolved was very beneficial. Bettina is very easy to talk with. She gives a lot of practical examples of everyday life and cultural encounters. Bettina Grassl is punctual and concise which is very much appreciated. Fernand Campbell, Head of Quality Control
I was very impressed and satisfied with the Intercultural Training session. I had a couple of 'Aha'moments during that course. I gained confidence on what I am currently working on. Thank you Bettina! Rodrigo Goarmon , Country Head ComOps Austria
We invited Bettina Grassl to deliver an intercultural training session and we found her to be extremely competent, inspirational and professional.
With her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of cross cultural negotiations she added valuable insight to our work in an international context.
We thank Bettina for an excellent job.